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Air pollution and health

Air pollution affects our health, namely triggering lung disease, cardiovascular disease and cancer. The World Health Organization estimated that 6.5 million deaths in 2012 were associated with air pollution. This corresponds to 11.6 % of all global deaths. We are all exposed to it, although in some parts of the world is worse than in others, with low and middle-income countries suffering from the highest exposures. Knowing that we are not in the worse part of the world, some concentrations levels we may be exposed in Denmark can also affect our health. 

I would like to show you one project we did where we measured health effects of air pollution in volunteers travelling inside old diesel trains, comparing with travelling inside electric trains.

Practical information:
I will have some lego models to attract the students attention for the study design, and I will present graphs with lego as well (to show the air pollution differences inside the diesel and the electric trains and at a busy street). I will also bring one portable measuring device so the students can see and measure themselves concentrations in the room where we will be, and observe the ultrafine particles concentrations effect after turning on a candle.

The presentation would be in English (therefore Gymnasium level or international schools)